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. good morning, boiling point. a a debt ceiling deal. democrats promise to block it. this morning, brian williams goes behind the scenes on capitol hill. the key issues and the last-minute wrangling. issues for the texas coast as tropical storm don storms through the u.s. mainland in the gulf of mexico. when and where it's expected to make landfall. >> and this game show host injured himself chasing down a burglar at a san francisco hotel room. who is alex trebek? we're going to hear from him about his heroic day, today,
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thursday, july 28, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm ann curry. >> i'm matt lauer. alex trebek did the "captain america" routine. didn't end that well. we'll talk about that later. for weeks, month, the bitter fight raging on capitol hill. the house is expected to vote on one proposal to cut spending and raise that debt ceiling. >> house speaker john bohner's plan is facing stiff competition from the democrats and his own party. duh it have a chance to pass? we'll talk to the house members ahead. the murder case against drew peterson in jail accused of killing hi third wife.
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but now experts say the case may never make it to trial. we'll explain why. also, a single mother pulled over and thrown in jail and she would remain there for seven months faced with a mountain of evidence that seemed to prove that she committed a series of crimes. it turns out, that woman was the victim of a revenge plot orchestrated by her exboyfriend. going share her story in an exclusive live interview this morning. >> a look at something this, is a lancome makeup ad featuring julia roberts. looks good. it's been ban in great britain along with christie turling ton because the images were overly air brushed. fair or unfair. talk about that coming up. let's begin on thursday morning with the time ticking away to reach a deal for the debt ceiling. kelli o'donnell is our capitol hill correspondent. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. this is a test of john boehner's
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leadership. he delivered a blunt message to his own members to get in line. he believes that was more credibility, that was their word, with some of the most conservative members when they retooled their proposal to raise the debt limit and cut spending by going deeper with the cut. and now, after so much talk, that vote comes today. >> reporter: the politics of grid lock hurtles. >> i've had kidney stones that are easier to pass than this. >> reporter: and the prognosis from democrats is dire. >> the speaker's plan is on life support and it's time for him to pull the plug. >> reporter: john boehner claims his debt limit plan has been revised after a last-minute fix. they reworked the package and it's projected to cut more, $917 billion over ten years. >> it is a test. this is a big step trying to get control of our deficit and our debt. >> reporter: in an interview for
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brian williams for a sunday special, "taking the hill inside congress," boehner played down a lot of opposition from his own members. >> mr. speaker, is it fair to say you have a bit of a rebellion on your hands? or do you feel -- >> i have a little bit of rebellion on my hands every day. it comes with the territory. >> you're not worry? >> never let them see you sweat. >> reporter: the speaker is getting heat from democrats too. 50 signed a letter saying they would block the plan because it would force us once again to face the threat of defaulting in five or six months. harry reid wants to kill the boehner bill and get one of his own. >> i'm disappointed bohnev eed . good person. he's painted himself in a corner. >> reporter: they played this film clip from ben affleck's movie to fire up their members.
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then upset democrats jumped at the chance to show it again. >> going to hurt some people. >> this is a political fight, one in which they are more interested in scoring points and hurting the democrats and the president than they are to protecting the economy. >> reporter: from that to music, it's gone viral. ♪ raise the debt ceiling raise the debt ceiling ♪ >> sorry if that's stuck in your head today. but maybe art will influence life. it could be some movement today. if the house cannot get this through, we're back to the situation of can harry reid's plan somehow come to save the day if you will. there's a lot of uncertainty. house republicans still need to convince a small number of those who have been most resistant at least publicly and it will play out today. ann? kelly o'donnell, thank you for reporting on your story. brian williams spent time on capitol hill thursday talking to
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the major players of the special, "taking the hill inside congress." good morning to you. >> good morning. you should know. we have been scheduled for months. and, of course, the day for us to arrive on capitol hill with all of the cameras and journalists happen to arrive in the middle of the pinched battle. so there we were yesterday. >> you and i last time talked about your roots and a very humble part of this country. you go back to ohio, i imagine you're going to find some people who are thoroughly disgusted with what they see out of washington. are you prepared for that? >> of course i am. >> what do you tell them? >> i say this is a system of government that our founders gave us. no one ever said it would be pretty. but we've got two political parties in this town. we have different beliefs in what the appropriate role of the federal government should be in our country and in our society. >> so that's the john boehner we found yesterday and a viewer's
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guide. when they start saying things like "this was supposed to be hard," the founders wanted this to be hard, that means they have no clue where this process is going to end up. we heard that about six times yesterday in going from office to office with members of the leadership. it was quite extraordinary. >> in talking to boehner, it was interesting to hear your question to him and his answer. how much of the opposition is with his own party hindering the deal as far as you can tell. >> my first question to him was a lot of friends of his said, look, this isn't fair. he's supposed to be the head of one party. he's got several factions that he has to try to manage. and we find it on the line with the white house. we saw only one white house official yesterday on the hill that there's a lot of talk in dc that this swing across town from the white house to the hill, we've got just a few days,
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however, the expression the whole world is watching. most important, all of the voters and the viewers across the country are watching this. they're watching their national politicians. many of them behaving badly. >> they're also watching a spirit of compromise. did you see anything? >> one thing there's going to have to be compromise. the other thing we're not seeing is just agreement. and, boy, there's a lot of posturing going on. the -- the age difference was notable. what we'll see in the days and hours to come is some of the folks that have been around for a while and listen carefully to what john mccain said yesterday, folks who have been around a while kind of rise up and say this is how we do it. this is how the system has saved us. this is the -- that is the three amigos as they call themselves, graham, lieberman, and mccain in their office yesterday. and some of these old alliances
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may help bring about. >> plan in the end. >> this story needs a lighter note. and you found some in the hall of congress yesterday? >> i'm sitting here in the cafeteria in the office building waiting for a member of congress when darth walked up. and darth vader comes up to me. again, i was minding my own business. he gave me the little two-handed death ray there that we recognized from the volkswagen commercial. the nicest kid, he's on the hill lobbying for children's hospitals across the country, given his own medical history. he had a heart ailment as the younger guy. he pulled up a chair. the highlight of my day. >> and ours this morning. apparently darth vader has a good side. brian williams, thank you for that. >> you bet. >> you can see "taking the hill inside congress" at 7:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 central time here. >> should be fascinating.
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look forward to that. the top stories of the morning from natalie morales. good morning. of. >> good morning, everyone. new details this morning about the arrest of self-confessed ath terrorist anders breivik. good morning. >> police add more details. two minutes after they made it to the island, they found breivik on the ground with guns on the ground. police were air frad tofraid to him. they thought he was carrying a bomb. he want add lift. >> he stalked the teenagers like a shooting gallery on an island near oslo. >> really helpless. >> 360 miles to the north, a mother said she experienced the worst hour of her life. 5:42 the afternoon. she got the text message from hell.
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>> i told police there's a maniac going here. >> julie was hiding among the rocks while the killer hunted the teenagers and shot them one-by-one. >> reporter: another text. >> here she says, i love you. even though i yell at you sometimes. then i really almost broke down. because that was so -- so moving, so touching. >> reporter: for one hour, mother tried to hold it in. aztecs continued from the island of death. then at last, it's over. the killer surrendered to police. her brother had no idea about any of it. later he said he found it odd to get a text message from his twin sister saying, "i love you." natalie? >> from oslo, thank you so much. outrage in new york city from first responders who became ill after working at ground zero. federal officials announced
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tuesday that those with cancer will continue to be excluded from the $2.8 billion federal fund allocated for them. the reason, officials say, there's no proven link to exposure to the world trade center site and cancer. first responders met with the fund administrator last night to protest the news. a film premiere in hollywood turned into a riot wednesday night. threw bottles, band losed cars and police in riot gear. police tried to disperse the hundreds who showed up for the screening. at the stock exchange. are we expecting a repeat of wednesday's drop? >> investors are on edge because of debt concerns in washington, d.c. as well. the s&p 500 saw the biggest one-day loss in eight weeks. it is, by the way, down about 3% so far this week. while the markets are jittery, it seems to be a little concern out of the bond market. the ten-year yield remains
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firmly under 3% that the investors won't worry that the u.s. won't make good on the debt payments. 62 companies are reporting today, including colgate and exxon. natalie? looks like the florida marlins have a new if unwanted mascot, this praying mantis made itself comfortable in the dugout, crawling on to clay hensley's shirt. they became pals so he left his buddy to scare somebody else. the bug pounced on him, clearly giving him the creeps. can't blame the guy. screaming like a little girl. like matt and al. >> very harmless thing, the
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>> here at home, it is dry.
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we have fought cover, but it is dry but a mixture of clouds and a little sunshine. beforehand, right? >> right. >> stand by. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. the high profile murder case against drew peterson could be in jeopardy following a ruling. the illinois police sergeant is charge in the death of his third wife. kevin tibbles is live in chicago with details on that. kevin, what happen? a big blow to the prosecution in this case which had hoped to use a new illinois law allowing hearsay evidence to be use in court.
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now much of that evidence cannot be used against drew peterson. drew peterson has been behind bars since 2009, awaiting trial in connection of the death of his third wife, kathleen salvio. she was found in a bathtub with no water, while her death was ruled accidental, her body was exhumed and peterson arrested for murder. the appellate court has barred certain evidence from the upcoming trial. some legal experts speculate it may not be able to go forward. >> very disappointed out of our court system, makes a mockery out of everything that everybody stands for. >> peterson grabbed national headlines when his fourth wife, stacy, vanish in 2007. he even appeared on the "today" show proclaiming he had nothing to do with either case. >> can you look me straight in the eye and tell me you had
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nothing to do with the death of his third wife, kathy, or the disappearance of the fourth wife, stacy. >> i had nothing co-with either of those incidents. >> in 2009, illinois passed a law allowing for hearsay in a case where witnesses have been silenced. it was dubbed a drew law. but the latest ruling prohibits some of the hearsay evidence from being used against him, including statements salvio made against drew peterson to kill her. >> this looks like the casey anthony case, in which everyone's prior beliefs, not the evidence, tells them there's something wrong here. >> he's thrilled with the ruling. word-for-word was, that's great. it's about time. he wants to get to trial, he wants to get it over with. >> throughout, he never appears
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to shy away from publicity, peterson is planning to play in a movie star rob lowe as peterson. >> sure rob lowe isn't doing this for free. i'm sure lifetime isn't giving away the advertising time in the show. >> drew wants money. >> he's entitled to it. that's the american way. >> prosecutors in the case say they strongly disagree with the appellate court's decision. there's no word of whether they planned a further appeal. drew peterson could go to trial as early as september. matt? ken tibbleses in chicago. kevin, thank you very much. 18 after the hour. here's ann. thanks. alex trebek, long-time host of the quiz show, "jeopardy" will have surgery tomorrow after chasing a burglar out of his hotel room. good morning. a terrifying thought for
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anyone to wake up and find someone going through their belongin belongings. this time the victim was alex trebek who was able to outsmart the burglar. >> what entered the country with bolivia? >> chile. >> sorry, it's peru. >> alex trebek had all of the answers as he hosted the geographic bee. in a san francisco hotel room, he found himself in a bit of "jeopardy". >> i woke up, saw a figure in our bedroom hotel room. thought i was dreaming. i realized immediately someone had been in the room. i put on my underwear and ran down the hall to see if i could find her. >> reporter: he did find her.
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when he got to her, he, well, quizzed her. >> she came out of the room where the ice machine is. and i said, what were you doing in the room. i wasn't in your room. what were you doing up there? i was visiting friend. i said, no you weren't. >> reporter: he was quick thinking but not as quick on his feet. he ended up on crutches after rupturing his achilles tendon after chasing the culprit. >> i crashed down but i hobbled back to the phone and informed security. >> reporter: police arrested 56-year-old lucinda moyers and charged her with burglary. he got most of the belongings back except some cash and a piece of jewelry. trebek hosted "jeopardy" since 1984, received an emmy award for lifetime achievement. and for game show host turned crime fighter, the correct response is "who is alex trebek". >> eight rounds in the championships. >> true to his reputation, the
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unflappable host fought through the pain using the podium to hide his injuries. >> you're going to be tempted to blurt out responses. if you do,ly have to chase you out. >> lucinda moyers told a local station that she was arrested based on her record and because trebek is a celebrity. she's still in jail and she will have a court appearance later today. as for trebek, the 71-year-old is having surgery tomorrow and will be in a cast for six weeks. ann? >> thank you so much. a great sense of humor. give that man a cape, right? >> exactly. >> i could have lived the entire rest of my life without knowing he sleeps in the nude. >> that's fine. >> that's what you took away? >> got stuck right there in that part of the story. >> can't remove it from the brain. it's in there. >> what is, "what is wrong with that"? >> we wish him the best with a surgery and speedy recovery. >> that's right. we have a lot to talk about. including we have the crime
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novel, the single mother who spent seven months behind bars after she was framed by her exboyfriend for a crime she didn't commit. the story in a live interview, but first this,
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not sure what that's about. coming up, air brush outrage. why ads are being banned in great britain. the woman who owns 1200 pairs of shoes. we're going get a close look at them and meet her. but first, get your news and weather.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> not that out there is to get ready to go out on the roads. we have one problem we are tracking, but no sign of it yet. we are still 57 miles per hour. 100 looks good, east and westbound edmondson and del ray avenue, accident has just been cleared. outer loop traffic is slow on
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the west side. watch for continued closures at light street and conway in advance of a grand prix. northeast, 52 mi. per hour there. here is what looks like at 97 and 100 to the glen burnie area. that switch over to the live view of 95 at south of 100. no sign of delays. tony, over to you. >> we noticed a little bit of cloud cover on up traffic pictures. there is a little bit of that, but we don't expect rain. 70 at parkton. at mixture of clouds and sunshine. slight chance of showers and the forecast this afternoon. high temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s. it is going to get hot again, but it is not going to stick around long.
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heat index around 105. if i will go through friday night. it should cool things off a little bit over the weekend. early next week, we would drop back into the upper 80s to around 90. >> you can check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic information. back in 25 minutes with another live a bit. -- live update.
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it is 7:30 on a thursday morning. july 28, 2011. people out on the plaza this morning. lenny and all of his friends enjoying the pretty morning here in new york. by the way, supposed to stick around for 24 more hours. free for a live concert and one of the most popular rock bands for a long time, talking about journey on the plaza tomorrow morning. studio 1-a, matt lauer with ann curry. coming up, when it comes to air brushing photographs, how much is too much? >> that's the question we'll be addressing this morning. these ad campaigns featuring julia roberts and christie turlington have been banned in
7:31 am
europe and some complaints. why people are complaining after this. also, the danger of not gaining enough weight during pregnancy. are images of celebrities looking trim and fit while expecting putting too much pressure on the average woman. details on that story as well. and a lot of people love their shoes. but we found one woman who takes her obsession to a whole new level. she owns, get this, 1200 pairs of shoes. she has to have three closets just to keep them all. we're going to get to meet her and we'll look at her shoes coming up this morning. >> a little out of control. no question. a woman who was arrest in jail for seven months for a series of crimes prosecutors now say she did not commit. we're going to talk to her exclusively in a moment. but first, natalie has her story. good morning again. >> good morning, matt. it's something out of a crime novel. simonea was driving along when police pulled her over, cuffed her, and put her behind bars. she was charged with carrying
7:32 am
out a series of armed robberies and police say they had a mountain of evidence against her. >> it is unreal. you do not think that things like this happen in real life. >> reporter: simona said what happened to her is unimaginable. it started five years ago when she started dating this man, gary rambertan. >> he seemed like a genuinely good person. never did i think that he was capable of anything like this. >> she says the relationship started to get rocky, but they stayed together. he began staying at her home. eventually she asked him to leave, but says he refused. on march 8, 2009, she said he attacked and raped her at home. he was arrested and released on bail pending trial. but soon after, prosecutors say he started plotting an elaborate scheme against her. they say he recruited people to pose as robbery victims, showing them her photo, pictures of her
7:33 am
jeep cherokee, and her license plate so they could give details to police. prosecutors say the web of lies was so detailed it all pointed to simona as a suspect. >> i'm driving along. the next thing i'm being asked to step out of the car and handcuffed me. no explanation whatsoever. literally, i thought i was going to drop dead right there. >> she insisted she was innocent, she said she had an alibi. surveillance photos that placed her at a connecticut casino at the time of one of the robberies. >> the only thing that i thought could have saved me didn't. >> reporter: she spent seven months in jail, and then in december of 2010, the break that changed everything. prosecutors say a police informant called in a tip that pointed to jerry rambertan. investigators say they linked calls to his cell phone to people who say they were robbery victims.
7:34 am
those supposed victims, prosecutors say, eventually confessed to police. >> so happy, so excited. but at the same time, i couldn't help but to be angry. >> charges were dropped and police arrested rambertan. he's in jail charged with rape, conspiracy, and tampering with a witness. he's pleading not guilty of all charges. >> jerry is not guilty of raping simona. he's innocent. while he was fighting the rape charges, his money disappeared from his account. and we believe that we're able to show that simona is the one that took the funds. >> reporter: as for the setup, the lawyers say other people were out to get her. >> other people who were involved were looking to have simona arrested because they had financial problems with simona. they had a beef with her. they were the ones that indicated that they would get her back for what she did to them. >> reporter: the case is getting national attention. dan baleski has followed it from
7:35 am
the beginning. >> one of the glaring lessons of this is reliance only on witness testimony can be very, very dangerous in a criminal case. witnesses can lie, witnesses can concoct elaborate stories. even police can be duped. >> reporter: and prosecutors say two of the people rambrattan hired to pose as the victims confessed to making up stories. meanwhile, his trial will begin in october. matt? thank you very much. simona is with us now exclusively along with her attorney, nick. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. when you were living with this guy, jerry, you had concerns about him. you were concerned about his personality. some of the stories he told you didn't add up. is that accurate? >> yeah. i just thought that he was -- i thought he lied a lot. he didn't see any other harm in him though, you know? >> you didn't think he was dangerous. you just thought he was someone
7:36 am
who stretched the truth? >> exactly. >> after the alleged rape took place and he was released on bail, you must have been terrified. >> i was, i couldn't go anywhere at all. and i couldn't leave the restaurant lapt and i had to be very careful because soon after he got released, i get visits, friends of his, people that we doet know would visit me at my restaurant asking me to drop charges against him. >> being lied to you. >> yes. yes. >> the day you're arrested. you're driving in your car, you're pulled over. police stopped you and said uh you know you did it, admit it? did you know what "it" was. >> when they arrested me, they didn't say anything. nothing was explained at all. they asked me to step out of the car and they needed to take me for some questioning. and that's it. >> you end up in jail and spend quite a long time in there, you have a daughter. she's 12 or 11 at the time?
7:37 am
>> she was 12. she's 13 now. >> so you're separated from your daughter, and you're sitting there in the jail which had to be an experience i can't imagine, you have a strong suspicion that this former boyfriend is somehow responsible for what you're going through. >> i knew from the day i was arrested because there's no other reason why i would be sitting through. i didn't do anything to be sitting there. >> you never committed a crime before. >> no. >> you're not the type to pull off an armed robbery, much less a series of armed robberies. >> exactly. >> so when you talked to the police, and say, look, i've been framed. they hear that every single day from everyone in jail. what was the reaction? >> i think they thoht i was just trying to blame it on him. i really did it and i was being a drama queen. that's the reaction i got. it was totally ignored. they looked at me like i was crazy. >> no presumption of innocence in your opinion in your case? >> no. >> nick, i'm trying to figure out how this could have happened. there was evidence. there was evidence that showed
7:38 am
that she was actually somewhere else during the time one of the robberies occurred. there was a kind of grainy surveillance video that showed them at a casino. why was this not enough to convince the police that this was wrong. >> so much more than that. this was no brilliant plan. this was -- this was a man who was being prosecuted for raping her, a history of impersonating police officers which they knew about. and from the first daisy mona w -- day, simona was telling them, this guy did this. we see it all the time. police have tunnel vision. prosecutors have tunnel vision. once they lock on, it's tough to get them off of it. if they had looked at all, they would have seen, this couldn't be true. >> simona, you're the one that's sitting out of jail and free. he's the one sitting behind bars awaiting trial on a slew of charges. are you confident he'll now be convict? >> i hope so. >> but you don't have much faith in the justice system anymore, do you? >> how could i?
7:39 am
i've been sitting in jail for seven months and telling them who was behind this from day one. they didn't listen. >> seven months away from her daughter, a loss of a job. i think your house to go to foreclosure? >> yeah. >> how did she get -- we say where do you go to get your reputation back. that and where does she go to get her life back? >> it's going be difficult. we're planning on filing civil rights claims in the fall. we're looking at the case very carefully and we're going to do our best to help her get her life back together. >> guys, thank you both very much. thank you for sharing your story. i appreciate it. 7:39, a check of the weather from al. today's weather is brought to you by tropicana. good morning, everybody. we've got a nice crowd. where are you guys from? south carolina. all right, very good. let's check the weather and see what south carolina's weather and everybody else. good news is, you're not seeing a lot of heat. but from dallas all the way up to chicago, we've got heat watches, heat warnings, and
7:40 am
advisories as that heat wave starts to spread again to 103 in dodge city, 104 in dallas. 27 days of 100 plus readings. nashville, music city getting up to 100. as you spread out, temperatures in the 100s in the southwest, 60s and 70s along the pacific northwest coast. showers in new york. strong storms possible from extreme northwestern pennsylvania all the way in to nebraska. sunshine in the pacific northwest. gorgeous day today. portland, oregon looking for sunny skies and a >> it is going to be a fairly nice day to day. humidity will go up as we head to the afternoon. slight chance for showers later on today.
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where are you guys from? nebraska. it's nebraska day today. that's right. don't forget, you can get your weather any time of the day or night on, on looib on-line or the weather channel on cable. how to protect your money if the country's credit rating is downgraded. and the woman who owns 1200 pairs of shoes. 1200. but first, these messages.
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♪ money, money, money
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>> back now at 7:44. surviving a possible downgrade as lawmakers wrangle over the debt ceiling, wall street is watching stocks plunge on tuesday with the dow falling 200 points. the s&p dropped 27 points, and the nasdaq tumbled 75 points. the worst day in five months. what do you need to do to protect your investments? jean chatzky is here to help us out. good morning. >> nice to see you. >> even if washington comes up with the deal, the u.s. credit rating is still likely to be downgraded. >> it's because the underlying problem here is the deficit. s&p basically said we need to see $4 trillion on the table in order to make us feel more stable, make us feel like the u.s. does deserve the triple a rating it has. neither plan has that money. >> the bottom line is the indecision has hurt the markets
7:46 am
and based on this, it's likely to hurt the economy. the question then comes what does this mean for everyday people? what should we be doing? >> you have to think about the country like a person whose credit score goes down. when the credit score goes down, it costs you more to borrow money. it costs more to borrow money, there's a trickle down effect. it costs companies and individuals. people and companies will have less money to hire, less money to spend. that's good for the economy overall. >> we want to protect our money. let's talk about the categories step-by-step. number one, what do we do about the investments if you're elderly or you need your hands on short-term cash. >> the key thing is the short-term cash. short-term cash, the money that you need in the next 6 to 12 months doesn't belong in the market. it never belong in the market. it seneeds to be in cash in saf havens. that's true for the retirees that need that money to live on. you need to move it. >> mortgages? >> mortgages are tied pretty
7:47 am
directly to the ten-year treasury. they haven't popped yet in any great degree. they're likely to go up by a half to a full percentage point. if you're refinancing, if you're buying, you want to lock in. >> credit cards? what do you do there? >> pay down your credit card debt. again, there's a tie between these treasury rates and credit card underlying rates. if one goes up, the other is likely to follow. pay down your debt. >> you'll have to pay more eventually. student loans? >> max out your federal loans before heading to private loans because private loans are the ones most likely to suffer from this. >> okay. could this affect our purchasing power? >> absolutely. an effect on the dollar, so anything that's produced overseas may get more expensive, just another signal to americans that they have to watch their budget in times like this. >> you come up with a little good news. it might not last forever? >> the volatility is the issue
7:48 am
here. the fear is the issue here. if they get a plan, if they get results sooner rather than later, things should stabilize. >> it could take months or even years to -- >> for that credit rating to come back. >> jean chatzky. always good to talk to you. thank you for your perspective. >> sure. coming up, the controversy over the makeup ad featuring julia roberts and christie turlington. why they're now banned in britain after this. 6
7:49 am
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we're back now at 7:50 with
7:51 am
ads featuring julia roberts and christy turlington now banned by britain's advertising standards agency. not because they're offensive or because they're deemed overly air brushed. >> christy turlington ad that was banned too. >> a liberal member of parliament who says these images are inappropriate because there's excessive air brushing and digital manipulation. >> because they're advertising prubl products that are supposed to erase flaws, create flawless skin. if they're overly air brushed, actually it's not truth in advertising. >> that's what they say. on the basis of the evidence we've received, we couldn't accurate expect what the product could achieve. >> we need one of those too. >> i do too. advertising standards authority. >> air brush. >> you're a kid. you have a track and all the
7:52 am
toys they did all of this stuff and they didn't. >> oh, i know. exactly. by the way, the ridiculous part of this, julia roberts and christy turlington. >> beautiful women. >> aging amazingly well. if we could all look like that, right? >> yeah. >> no. >> well -- >> don't take a shot at me now. >> how about we zoom in. >> we -- by the way, earlier we -- we showed you the footage of the praying mantis on a pitcher in baseball and he freaked out. it reminds us of our favorite video of -- of a former anchor for nbc affiliate who had a gecko or a lizard jump on him. >> i think michael scott. >> not telling you what -- >> oh! >> more from your local news. @w@7@g@'@7@7@g@g@g@g@g@g@'@7
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7:56 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11 standing by. >> reports of an accident on the harrisburg expressway in the southbound direction. it is off to the shoulder, closer to the maryland line. use caution and therefore it does not appear it is having a major impact on traffic. in the city, pedestrian-involved accident at mulberry street. watch for police response to that. 34 as per hour on the outer loop approaching 795 to edmondson. backing up traffic to owings
7:57 am
mills. a little bit of red on the northeast outer loop. that begins at belair towards dulaney valley. southbound 95 at 175, disabled vehicle to report. we will switch over to in live view and show you what it looks like at 40 west. west side definitely filling up. harrisburg expressway, looking at delays. the accident is prior to this coming down from the maryland line. tony, over to you. >> so far so good. high, thin cloud cover to start date. we're starting to rebound into the 70's. 79 at the airport. clouds and some sunshine. 30% chance of rain shower. most of you won't see that. heat comes back to margaret upper 90s to around 100. scattered thunderstorms friday
7:58 am
night. tablecloth a little bit over the weekend. -- it will call off a little bit over the weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on this thursday morning, july 28, 2011. we're going to in the plaza. saying hi to their friends and family back home. tomorrow, this place will be rocking with the sounds of a band, journey will perform live here on the plaza. and we're very excited about that. meantime, i'm ann curry with matt lauer and al roker. talking about when you're pregnant. there's a concern about the transition and how they look in
8:01 am
their bodies. millions of women, of course, get pregnant and have to deal with this issue. now the question is, are celebrities who sport a baby bump, are they perhaps sending a dangerous message to average women. that coming up. >> most of us would love to have three roomy closets. well what if you had three closets who were rooms. this woman she got, just for shoes, three closets, 1200 pair of shoes. she's got so many pairs of shoes, she doesn't even remember buying some of them. we're going to meet her just ahead. also ahead, a quick follow-up to a story we brought you yesterday. frank rodriguez, a father of four from texas who has been on the sex offender's registry since he was 19 years old. the reason back then when he was 19 and his future wife was only 15, they had sex. it landed him on the sex
8:02 am
offenders' registry where he's now been for 15 years. well, they talked about how that has ruined his life over these past 15 years. so after the segment, we asked you to weigh in, should frank rodriguez be labeled as a sex offender? we got 53,000 people responding on our website. and here are the results. 93% of you said frank should not be labeled a sex offender. 4% said yes. 93.5% said no. and -- >> just to remind people, this affects it ability to find a job. how people feel about him. >> he had to register when he went on family vacations. it's been a dramatic -- it's had a dramatic impact on his life. >> is there anything that could change this? >> there's a law that's being considered to be change in texas that might actually allow him to petition to be removed from that list. so we'll be following the story. >> a story in progress. get a check of the top
8:03 am
stories. natalie is at the newsdesk, hey, natalie. good morning, matt, al, good morning, everyone. the house is scheduled to vote on john boehner's plan to raise the debt limit and prevent a government default next week. boehner scolded republicans to get in line behind the plan which he quickly reworked to increase spending cuts. democrats and president obama said boehner's plan doesn't stand a chance. the eyes of texas are on tropical storm don as it moves through the gulf of mexico and could bring some welcome rain to the drought-stricken lone star state. it's expected to make landfall in texas tomorrow. police in the suburb of washington, d.c. are warning young women to be on alert at shopping malls after a series of attacks. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has more. pete, good morning? natalie, police here in fairfax county, virginia say they're looking for a man who has struck five times in the past five months, slashing at young women with a knife or a
8:04 am
razor blade while they shop. the latest in a bizarre series of attacks came just this week. police say an 18-year-old woman was shopping at this mall in northern virginia on monday when she felt a sharp pain. >> she realized there was bleeding. someone snatched her, and caused about an inch and a half wound in her rearend. >> investigators say they believe the man seen in these surveillance photos is responsible for monday's attack and at least four others in the same area of northern virginia since february, all at popular retail stores. he's described as a heavy set latino man in his late 20s. >> the gentleman who has been trying to take advantage of them when he has an opportunity. and it's certainly very, very unique situation and someone is out there doing that. >> reporter: so far, the attacks have produced superficial
8:05 am
wounds. the victims have been in the late teens and early 20s. the attacker has struck in the late afternoon or evening when the stores are more likely to be busy, making it easier to melt away in to the crowd, natalie? >> pete williams in fairfax, hopefully they catch that guy, thank you. foreclosure activity slowed down in the largest metropolitan areas in the first half of the year. realty track says banks are taking longer to move against homeowners behind on their mortgages. and a look at what's trending today. a quick roundup on what has you talking on-line. the internet has a new action hero. deputy host alex trebek tore his achilles tendon while chasing down a female burglar from his san francisco hotel room. he faces surgery tomorrow. and some information you didn't need to know about trebek. the host admits he had to put on his underwear early wednesday before that chase. the white house indulged in a classic internet prank known as rick rolling on tuesday.
8:06 am
it had a tweet about a boring press conference that redirected it to a video of "never going to give you up." and the viral video has a new youtube hit of their own. the dance troup to create this mind bending music video for their song, "all is not lost." i could watch that one all day. it's 8:06 right now. go outside for a check of the weather with al. thanks so much, natalie. what's your name? >> marissa? >> and where are you guys from? >> cleveland. >> all right. there you go. happy birthday, ladies. let's check the forecast. we're looking at tropical storm don, named after don nash, our big kahuna down in the control room. winds moving west-northwest at 10 miles per hour. it will make its way on shore
8:07 am
start morning as a tropical storm. may bring about two or three inches of rain. some areas picking up a little bit more. little bit of showers today through the gulf coast. strong storms possible from the dakotas all the way back to western pennsylvania and western new york. mid 70s to low 80s. 107 in phoenix, arizona today. >> you will see cloud cover to start the day. ilater this afternoon, a slight chance of and that's your latest weather. ann? thank you so much. you think you have a lot of
8:08 am
shoe? this morning, coming up, we're going to meet a woman who has 1200 pairs. that's right. that's back after this. [ male announcer ] walls can talk. but it's our job to make them say something interesting. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade... then break out our doing clothes and get rolling. let's use some paint that helps us get the job done in record time and makes a statement when we're finished. we're lowering the cost of a new favorite color. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. take your painting skills to the next level at one of our free paint workshops. ♪ oh, love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just hold me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just kiss me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just want me ♪ l-o-v-e ♪ love, love, love, love ♪
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i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. [ birds chirping ] ♪ mmm! hot fudge sundae?!? ♪ new wild strawberry?!? ♪ [ female announcer ] over 25 flavors of kellogg's pop-tarts... and they're all for fun & fun for all. pop-tarts. made for fun. back now at 8:11 on a thursday morning. all about the shoes here on the "today" show this morning. the question, how many pairs of shoes do you own? 5, 10, 15, 20? you're about to meet one woman who owns 1200 pairs.
8:12 am
amy robach is here with details on that. that's a lot of shoes. >> it is. the average woman spends $25,000 in her lifetime on shoes. the woman we're about to meet has spent thousands of dollars on one pair. she earns her living as a poker pro and she has a full house and three closets to get so many shoes. fergie said they define her. kelly rowling uses them as a form of seduction. >> i raise. >> and for 43-year-old poker queen beth shak, they're an obsession. >> it goes from 1200 to 1400. that's the number of shoes she owns, designer shoes. in fact, her shoe collection is so big, it's feature in the upcoming documentary, "god save my shoes". >> you get to the point of safe limitation. that's why i gave away a few hundred pair.
8:13 am
>> so are there shoes up here that you don't remember buying or you don't know you have? >> there are shoes that i definitely don't remember buying. but it's great because i pull them out and i feel like i got a new pair of shoes for free. >> but these shoes were anything but free. >> i love these. >> 700 of her 1200-pair shoe collection, they're the christian louibitan label. at an average price of $750, you can do the math. some are more than others. >> $4,000, probably? kind of crazy. >> how long did you wear these shoes. >> not a lot? >> i spent $40,000 on shoes and i have no place to live? i will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes. >> reporter: but to her credit, shak can afford her habit.
8:14 am
>> i have poker winnings, i treat myself to a pair of shoes. >> looks like you've had quite a bit of poker earnings >> yeah, i've done well with my poker. i don't have complaints. >> neither do the three children who admit they have inherited their mom's addiction. >> my brother and i each have 40, 50, 60 pair of sneakers. >> what about her 16-year-old daughter? does she say, hey, mom, look that way? take a pair of shoes and walk out? >> she can't, i'm a size 7 and she's a size 8. i'm so sorry for her. she can't even wear any of these. but part of me is really happy. >> do i need these? do i need these? no. >> need and no are not a part of shak's vocabulary. ♪ luck be a lady tonight ♪ >> if she wants them, she buys them, which we saw firsthand on a quick trip.
8:15 am
in case you're doing the math on the price tag of her shoe collection. she wouldn't give us a number, but published reports put it at over half a million dollars. >> oh, my. it's a dream. >> you see the purple shoes she tried on. we -- we snagged them for a little while. i tell you, i had to walk down here barefoot. look how high that heel is. who can walk in that? >> natalie? >> you pulled them off. >> mine are high too. >> natalie's are as high as these. >> nice little share shoes. >> we don't do that. >> alex trebek sleeps in the nude. that's so -- let's -- let's go down the line. how many pair of shoes do you own? >> probably 15. >> 15? natalie? >> probably between 50 and 75, somewhere in that range? >> i don't have a lot. >> they're easy for you. >> i thought it was 30. we're counting flip-flops. maybe more like 80.
8:16 am
>> okay. >> yeah. >> but she wears those 30 to 80 in flip-flops. >> yeah. >> i don't know. >> how many do you -- >> i have about 50. >> 50? i probably have 30 to 35 pair of shoes. >> how many ties do you own? >> i have a ridiculous number of -- so do you. >> over 100? >> gosh yes. >> over 200? >> probably. >> over 300? >> i don't think 300. >> 300. under 300. >> under 300. >> ties not costing $1,000. >> yeah. >> not all of them are polka dotted. return those shoes. >> i am. right? up next, moms and baby weight are the images of some celebrities are a creating unrealistic expectations for the average woman. talk about that after this. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year. see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude! if your kids want to sound cool, they have to look cool!
8:17 am
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you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. you had me at "probiotic." naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life. this is her four-year-old computer she doesn't think she vo: needs to update. so to show her what she's missing, we built a pc store in her house. cheryl: oh my gosh! employee: what do you say we go shopping? cheryl: this one's very cool. cheryl: where's the tower for this? employee: everything is right here. cheryl: oh stop! cheryl: okay... alright... employee: flip that screen around. very light-weight! employee: 500gb hard drive. cheryl: i like the dvr thing... i like this one. vo: new pc in the house. cheryl: i'm a pc, and i'm finally up to date. back now at 8:19. this morning on "today's moms,"
8:20 am
a dangerous trend, pregnant women who appear to gain little weight over the course of nine months. we have more on this. good morning. good morning, ann. you see it virtually every time you open a magazine. pregnant celebrities with -- they set unrealistic goals for so many women struggling to lose that baby fat. >> reporter: she loves being a mom. >> there we go. >> reporter: but after gaining a combined 70 pounds in two pregnancies, she wasn't happy about her postbaby bulge. >> i absolutely felt blah. >> reporter: making things worse, glossy magazine photos of celebrity moms dropping the weight in a blink of an eye. >> other moms had the babies the same time i did and they were on the beach. i was not ready to do that. >> reporter: these days, those images are not hard to find.
8:21 am
celebrities whose baby bump looks more like a blip staying fashionably thin throughout their pregnancies, like stylist rachel zoe walking the red carpet at eight months or victoria beckham barely showing at 7 1/2 months pregnant. then the well-documented rebound. >> this woman just had a baby. it's out of control. >> reporter: with millions watching, model heidi clooum strutted down the victoria's secret cat walk six weeks after giving birth. bethany frankel posed for "us" magazine in a bathing suit one month after having her daughter. >> i was distorted and deformed and swollen. >> reporter: their barely there bumps are so common some are selling size 0. and workout gear moms can wear well into their third trimester. all of the images set unrealistic goals and are giving
8:22 am
lots of new moms it baby blues. >> the more women are fed this mythic notion they can be skinny right after giving birth or look skinny while pregnant, it can have a devastating effect on a woman who's very highly conscious about her weight. >> reporter: at its extreme, onlookers have created a buzz word for the trend, mommyrexia, not a medical diagnosis, but if taken too far, gaining too few pregnancy pounds can be dangerous. >> the children who are restricted may be at risk at developing long-term issues and hypertension. >> reporter: after having the third child, she worked with a trainer. >> it's a nine month process. it's going to take you that time to get you back to where you were. >> reporter: she's back to a prebaby body thanks to a healthy approach physically and mentally. >> don't be stressed. it will come gradually. >> he's moving.
8:23 am
>> doctors stress a normal weight woman will gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy and expect to be back in the skinny jeans a year after giving birth. that's a far cry from what we see with the celebrity moms. ann? >> give yourself a year that's good information for you, mara, as i know you're expecting your own bundle of joy. thank you. >> dr. katherine bergdorf is the reproductive psychologist and nancy schneiderman is nbc's chief medical editor. good morning to both of you. biggest risk of gaining too little while pregnant. >> you starve your fetus. not good for the baby. overeating and undereating are both bad. at a time we're talking about africa's greatest famine in 60 years, i find it vulgar, the whole idea of thinking your body is deformed while you're pregnant. >> do you agree there's unrealistic standard being set by celebrities. >> absolutely. people want healthy babies.
8:24 am
you have to be a healthy mom to have a healthy baby. that means maintaining a healthy weight. >> the amount of weight you should have is between 25 and 30 pounds. >> some women may gain 15 to 20 pounds if they're light build. some women gain more. i gained 40 pounds with each pregnancy. there are norms per woman. but the -- the average is 25 to 30 pounds. >> you want to stay healthy. we want to exercise. >> you can exercise all the way through pregnancy. >> how much is too much? >> depends on your build, your genetics. but you can talk to your doctor about what's appropriate for you and you want to stay within a range that makes sense. if you're losing too much or gaining too much, like you said, both are issues. >> but you know -- >> if you already run 45 minutes a day, keep running 45 minutes a day. but don't start adding another aerobics class and this and that. you want to counter your -- your appetite or you think you should only gain seven or eight pounds. but exercise during pregnancy is normal, healthy, and frankly
8:25 am
good for you. >> how you think about it is the key. you have disordered thoughts about what you're eating and is your body image distorted. if you feel obsessed about how you look. i don't look thin enough or i look fat, talk to somebody about this. >> what's crazy about this. julia roberts and the fact she gets air brushed and women during pregnancy think their bodies are deformed. we've become cuckoo about hating our bodies. pregnancy should be nine months of root beer floats and bliss. this is an upper east side white girl obnoxious problem. >> strong statements. >> it's irritating, we want perfect babies, perfect lives, i find the whole thing vulgar. >> we can't glamorize a lethal psychiatric disorder. anorexia and bulimia, i have women in my practice who vomit throughout their pregnancies to
8:26 am
maintain weight. that's not healthy. >> pregnancy should be one of the most glorious times. >> celebrated. for >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am sarah caldwell. let's start with traffic pulse 11. we have problems and delays. southbound 83 past 49, maryland line, we have an accident off to the side. causing a bit of a back up at area. walker ave, accident backing of the northeast corner. 12 miles per hour on average through that stretch. mlk boulevard and mulberry
8:27 am
street. continued closures on light and conway due to the grand prix. 27 miles per hour on the outer loop north east side. that is affecting traffic on southbound 795 approaching the beltway. we start in the area of 40 west. that is showing an outer loop delay as you make your way towards the west side. belair road, the northeast corner, the heaviest spot as you travel ports data spurred express my. -- towards the harrisburg expressway. john has the look of the forecast. >> we get picked up a few clouds and a warm front is coming in. it is generating some might in pennsylvania and a little bit of that may get into our area this afternoon. those were in the 60's and 70's. we are now at the 70's at b.w.i. marshall. humidity is up, and a barometer of the moment is high and don't have much of a breeze. caste is to take the right a little closer to us -- >> later
8:28 am
us g -- forecast is to take the rain a little close to was later in the day. we have rain chance tomorrow in the evening. warm temperatures for the next coupr
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ any way you want it that's the way you need it ♪ >> 8:30 now on a thursday morning. the 28th day of july, 2011. picture-perfect day here in new york city. keeping our fingers crossed we get another one just like this tomorrow morning. it on the plaza to enjoy the music of journey under sunny skie
8:31 am
skies. enjoying it? >> also -- okay. >> and your 90 pair of shoes. matt lauer along with ann curry, natalie morales and al roker. tasty treats, the one and only martha stewart. >> it's one of the best things about summer. a beautiful berry pie. and who else but martha stewart knows how to make that crust, how we delight our families. going to taste it ourselves coming up. i know, pie. >> great movies coming out right now. but coming up, movie reviews from a mom's perspective to see which releases are shelling out for tickets and a babysitter. and talk about what the kid actually might sit through. >> use credit cards like airline miles, cash back purchases. you know that a lot of credit
8:32 am
cards have hidden charges that you don't know about? we're going to reveal those to you in a little bit. >> well, good. >> the weather forecast, mr. roker. let's show you what you've got. coming up for more today, a list of strong storms from western new york all the way back to the western plains. beautiful in the pacific nortest. sunshine in the low 80s. rain in the gulf coast. for tomorrow, a slight risk of strong storms for the northeast. also through the central plains. tropical storm don will approach the gulf coast bringing rain there, sizzling weather elsewhere through texas. and moisture in thest >> it is going to be a fairly nice day to day. humidity will go up as we head to the afternoon. slight chance for showers later on today.
8:33 am
>> 24 hours a day. get your weather on or on the weather channel on cable. let's go to uncle willie in dc. summertime and living is easy. every cat fish is delicious. happy birthday. i threw that in. and we have a birthday salute as the jam jar spins about. if you will, please, take a look. this is albert peterson, west windsor, new jersey. 100 years old. loves all sorts of current activities. keeps up and watches "meet the press," he's willing to do things and accept challenges. that's good, and change goes along with it. ethel aspey of carmichaels, pennsylvania, 100 years old today. loves to watch the food network
8:34 am
and tries to cook all of the recipes they have. takes a lot of skill to do that. george tretter of rockville, maryland. 100 years old today. and enjoys the tv and will celebrate the 75th anniversary with the sweetheart. how about that? mary hamilton, richmond, virginia, 104 years old. accomplished wonderful artist they tell me. and an average golfer. can't beat that. and -- omer johnson of russellville, alabama, 100 years old today. just brought a brand new tractor because he could help pick watermelons. they are heavy, pal, i know that story. and margaret chalmers from hyde park, massachusetts. 108. and enjoys gardening, croch crocheting, and making all sorts of wonderful books of braille
8:35 am
for the blind. that's it, that's all. all right, thanks so much. coming up, how to make the perfect pie with martha stewart. that's coming up. but first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
this morning on "martha on today," it's all about pies. they are a great way to use summer's freshest fruit. >> martha is here to show us how to make one kind of -- excuse me, dough, that will open the door to crimping, cutting, and crumbling the perfect crust. it's straight from the pages of "everyday food." good morning. >> good morning. >> how many pair of shoes do you own? >> not enough, obviously. i wear the same shoes for years. >> so what are we doing today? why is this one kind of dough so important? >> it's the perfect pie crust. it's a simple recipe. and it will be on your website.
8:38 am
and rolling it out, making unusual pretty crust. i think a pie should be pretty. it should be delicious. it should be fresh. it should be golden brown. and flavorful. >> do you always make your pies? do you go buy them at the supermarket. >> never. it's so easy to make a pie. >> so easy. >> you've never done a jiffy crust from the supermarket. >> it takes just as long to make a pie. it takes 15 seconds in the foot processor. >> all right, cool. >> we made the pie crust, we chilled it, we rolled it. this is a strawberry pie for you. and we've cut the crust, rolled it out, just fit the pie. and, look, you can use a pastry chip like that and make little cutouts. and you have to pick these out with a -- >> are the cutouts only for aesthetic reasons? or do they help the pie vent a little also. >> it lets the steam come out and it's -- it's pretty. >> all right, so now you take this and you put it on top of
8:39 am
it? >> carefully lift. and you can do -- we'll do a lattice too. so you put that on. >> nicely done, mr. lauer. look at you. look at that. >> and then you have to -- >> what do you do with the edges? >> crimp -- you have to match the edges. crumple it up a little bit. press down with your thumbs. you do that? >> i'll do that. when it comes to the filling, there's three ingredients, fruit, sugar, or something to thicken it. >> flour or corn starch. depending on what you like. you'll practice and you'll know. this is a simple one. this is a crumble pie. okay? i'll show you how to crimp. so you can do yours. and use your first two fingers or these two fingers. >> these two fingers. >> thumb and forefinger. >> thumb and forefinger. >> you can press like this. you can use your other thumb to press in. >> i see. that's simple. >> see how you're doing it? >> yes, perfect. >> yea, terrific. >> and it does -- some people's fingers are too little. matt's are perfect. you can do your little peach
8:40 am
pie. you're just crimping the edge. >> this is only for style, the difference. >> yeah, it's pretty. these are all of the different toppings. if you wadon't want to do that,y mom use add fork. look how pretty that was? >> you wash this right away? >> oh, yes. after you do your pretty crimping or -- i'll just finish crimping, use an egg wash that is one egg mixed with either water or milk. >> do it on top of this one also? >> you bet, do that with a brush. >> and then, sprinkle it with -- with sanding sugar. >> what is sanding sugar? >> it's a little coarser, shiny sugar. >> do you use regular sugar? >> you can. it will give it a taste. you get a sparkle. >> a bling. >> okay. get that to the hot oven. these fruit pies should bake at 375 to 425 and they should bubble in the center. when that's bubbling in the center, 45 minutes or so. >> right. >> then the pie is done.
8:41 am
you have to crimp that. >> i will crimp that. it's good. but you have a crumble topping that -- >> this crumble topping. >> what's in there? >> light brown sugar, flour, butter, equal partings. >> interesting that really everything you're using is pretty simple in termings of s ingredients. >> that has to be. you flay the edge. >> too the lattice top is the -- >> i mixed my cherries. all your cherries are mixed. a tablespoon of sugar and a spa tablespoon of flower. >> to thicken. >> you use your cutter. do you have your cutter. you can use a ruler to cut this. if you get expert at it, you do it free hand. >> it's a little bit over a half an inch? >> a half an inch, yeah. then you lay these on. okay? but then you have to weave. >> you lift each one as you go in and out of it. >> do it this way. >> i messed up. >> weave it. it looks pretty when it's woven.
8:42 am
you lift up. >> put it under there. >> then -- >> yeah. and if you have a child who's really adept in the kitchen, this is a fun thing for a child to do. >> they're laughing at us. >> who are they laughing at? >> i don't have the patience for that. i would go with this one. >> but it looks pretty. then to finish this one off, you use your thumbs to press down each of the la 'tis strips, okay? >> do you cut the excess off? >> then you -- this is what i love. i hold the pie up like that and you cut off like this. see how neat that is? >> that's professionally done. >> you egg wash the top of that too? >> you egg wash the top. but you have to crimp to make it -- that doesn't look so pretty. i would crimp this like that. is that pretty? >> go down and take a look at some of it here. >> yeah. this is like a -- yeah, good job. you did. >> thank you so much, martha. yea, yahoo!. >> perfect. >> don't put those on our beautiful table. >> okay, sorry.
8:43 am
>> real quick. >> okay, this is a nectarine crumble pie. this is a blackberry pie with a cutout top. >> gorgeous. >> a yellow plum gallet. gorgeous. raspberry tart, tarts, pies, open faced, closed, they're delicious and perfect for summertime. >> we're all salivating. >> we wish you a happy birthday. >> yes, next week. don't wish me yet. next week. >> happy birthday. >> put this on next week. we want to crown you queen -- >> i'll wear this next week. happy birthday. >> no you won't. up next, reviews of the latest hollywood releases from a mom's perspective. but first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
today ice -- "today's" "two moms and a movie" is brought to you by windows 7.
8:46 am
all you really need for college. back now for a special series, "two moms and a movie." we get movie reviews from a mom's perspective, which new releases, rather, are worth getting a babysitter for. which ones will your kids sit through? takes from alison bell, film critic for "more" magazine and comedian carrie riley. good morning, guys. we have three movies, "crazy stupid love," "cowboys & aliens." and "the mursmurf movie". >> my thought was the trailers were misleading. the trailer, even the poster, you go into it thinking it's going to be a raunchy r-rated sex romp. like "the 40-year virgin." it wasn't. it's a romantic comedy of people over 40 with kids in a marriage. it's just misleading. >> but this is -- this is not a criticism of the advertising.
8:47 am
let's talk about the movie. >> no, the advertisinadvertisin. the movie is okay. i like steve carell. there are two story lines i could have cared less about. i thought they should have wrapped it up earlier. >> i'm right to the party about ryan gosling and how hot he is. i would like to whole movie to be about him and emma stone. he's something else. >> he is something else. >> he's terrific. but this has got such a great cast wi cast. i'm not one of the moms that weighed in. i loved this. the babysitter story. it was just -- >> the wrapping up at the end. it feels all sitcom predictable. >> i would recommend seeing it with your girlfriends. >> i wasn't disappointed. >> you can't bring your husband? >> for you, you can? >> he owns a business and -- >> oh, no. >> getting back together. >> okay. >> without giving it away. >> i don't know. >> one thumbs down, one thumbs up.
8:48 am
moving on, talking about "cowboys & aliens." this is a story with daniel greg and harrison ford. >> my husband looks like that, that's why. >> ha! >> beyond the obvious, what would you love about the movie or hate about it? you want to go? >> i loved it. first of all, it's james bond in chaps. what is better than that. he looks good. he had his shirt off the whole time, which he earned every penny in that paycheck. but in -- poor harrison ford. like he would have had that hot role like 20 years ago. >> but i applaud harrison ford. he did great. >> he was like indiana jones and hans solo. he was great. they play off of the other movie roles in a way that you could love the character but they were new character earles. personally, i could have done it without the aliens. >> i loved the aliens. i like the mix of it. you like cowboys and aliens. >> no, i love the cowboy general
8:49 am
regenre. >> i love the aliens. >> very serious. >> they looked great. >> they're aliens, they're not supposed to look great. >> i didn't think the special effects were amazing. and then the inside of the spaceship looked like a b movie set. >> okay. it's a huge hit. not going to say -- >> thumbs down? thumbs up? >> thumbs up. thumbs up for harrison and daniel. >> i was scared. i was actually scared. moving on, the last movie this morning, "the smurfs movie." it's so good! >> we went with our kids last night. one of mine hid under the seat from gargumel. i know how to swear in smurf. you know how? son of a smurf? smurf you! their own world. the smurfs are protruding. there's a lot of information to be learned.
8:50 am
>> perfect for young kids. >> it really is. "cowboys & aliens," not perfect for young kids. >> no. no. >> smurfs should be 5 and up. >> there you go, 5 and up. thank you so much for both of you. great advice. and still to come this morning, how to stay cool and stylish in this summer heat. but first this, is "today" on nbc. i love this job. you tell me what to see.
8:51 am
8:52 am
we're back at 8:51. and this morning on leonard's look, mike leonard learns the fine art of being a statue. ♪ everywhere i go ♪ i will always know >> if the early bird truly does catch the worm, then why would anybody believe all good things come to those who wait? if time really is money, then what's in it for those who stop to smell the roses? and are we supposed to hit the ground running? or hold our horses? go for broke? or savor the moment? no wonder we're stressed, giving all of the conflicted advice on how to live our lives to the full els. in chicago, even the statues send mixed messages. how many times have we been told the best way to earn a buck is by showing some hustle, aggressiveness, willingness to pound the pavement and look busy. that might be true in most cases but not to trish rowland or her
8:53 am
mentor harold lee who work opposite sides of downtown chicago's main thoroughfare, michigan avenue. this is the job. it's how i make my living. >> reporter: and this is how one turns doing nothing in to an art form. >> the art of being a statue. >> reporter: art, of course, demands some serious pondering. so cue the ponderers. notice the broke neoclassical man wrist influence and how suddenly it toys with the psychology of our inner most fears. >> yeah, everything you do in life is psychology. >> reporter: now examine the artistic technique and how it speaks to our most basic and primal fizz logical needs. >> i only let myself take a deep breath once every ten minutes, that's really hard. >> a great art critic needs time to probe for what is profound and meaningful, but, due to the
8:54 am
extreme superficiality of my boss, who will go nameless, i have three minutes until the bell tolls on this story. let's deal with the basics, harold, in your 26 years as a statue, what can you tell us about the economic benefit package? >> i do make some good money. i made $300 sunday, 6 1/2 hours, sometimes i'll make $30. >> reporter: trish, could you have foreseen working as a statue prior to the elimination of your corporate job a few years back? >> never, no. but you run across things in life and you should always try new things because you never know what you'll run into that you love and find a new career. >> reporter: a stable career offering steady work, lots of idle time, and the freedom to break for lunch when ever the mood hits, a situation that takes some getting used to. once upon a time, it was the career that led to the statue,
8:55 am
now it's the other way around. for most of recorded history, statues stay put. now they go home at night. with this still a bit alarming to some commuters. >> still had this myself. >> reporter: yeah, well, i guess it's better to be safe than sorry, except when nothing ventured means nothing gained. for today, mike leonard, nbc news, chicago. >> i wonder if they miss a spot when they're putting on that silver paint. >> i can't get over the fact that they don't breathe -- >> swallow, breathe, take a deep breath. >> take a deep breath. >> goes on in europe, right? >> yeah. >> it kind of answers your inner most need to sort of stare at people. >> we have the person who does it in the statue of liberty also on a hot day. >> yeah. just ahead, the hidden perks you're not taking advantage of when it comes to your credit cards. >> t
8:56 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> morning. i am sarah caldwell. a rash of violence in northeast baltimore. police are investigating the fourth murder in two days. the 47-year-old man was shot in the head inside his car on chesterfield ave. police say the victim has no criminal record and believe it may be an unfortunate case of mistaken identity. if you have any commission on the case, called 911. back in a minute with a check on
8:57 am
>> now let's take a look at the forecast with john collins. >> we started the morning out in the 60's. we are climbing into the 70's. there is a little disturbance
8:58 am
in the front with eight -- did the north with a warm front. we will see a little more cloudiness during the day. slight chance for a shower, a little rumble of thunder later this afternoon. this evening, when the scattered, variable. 88-93 for the high. further south you go, the more sunshine you see. again, temperatures near 90. >> we will have another update at 9:25.
8:59 am

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